Monday, 28 May 2012

Do you remember A ?

Hello , assalamualaikum :)
LOL , arini hari yg agak membosankan
aku x tau nk buat ape , aku just duduk dlm bilik
main game and so on , tuh jelah aku mampu
28 may , hari yg byk mengingatkan aku pada sesuatu
i miss that day thought , but thing changed
nothing to do here ..

Monday, 21 May 2012

Sunday, 20 May 2012

it hard To be alone

Kenyataan nyer , aku mmg hidup sorang :p

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Bliss ? anything sinonymous ?

hye all . i dont have a good mood but it does't seem i angry with all people around me . i wonder why you should be afraid ? im not monster that eat people when get mad . yeah yeah , i a loner . i love walk alone you know . it feel great .

nothing special today , patut nyer pg umah dila ajar era tapi aku tido . bila aku bgun baru aku igt , tapi dah kol bape dah mase tuh , lagi pun aku malas nk spoil , kang aku mengamuk x tentu pasal . not sure if depressed or what . i just feel terible , teacher say that playing guitar wont get me anywhere and it make me no future . you are blind . you can talk to much and i hate your class . i love school , i dont hate it much acctually , i can see my friend , sharing stories and laugh the ass off .

i want to be happy , i really wish that , but i cant . LOL , maybe one day .

Monday, 7 May 2012

if not enough

hye peep , i dont really have a good mood today , yeah , maybe today i smiled and laughed at school but it does't seem i am happy after all .

it is my fault , choose the wrong path . i have to endure all this pain and it suck . i try everything to and it does't work like a charm . what am i missing ? i have friend , i have family but i still wondering why i still feel unhappy .

school , i hate school . all they know i giving a homework homework homework . and it is burden me a lot . and with all those book , what a waste of tree . and with a teacher that bla bla bla bla bla , herghh , back off =,=

ouh , the great feeling when you lay on your bed . praise the lord ! sweet ass damn good ! i love sleeping beacuse i can dream and against the logic or reality . sometime i just feel like , gosh i want to dream forever and sleep all the day , but to bad , it never gonna happen .

GOOD ! very very good ! indeed ! you know why ? because i have a ton of HISTORY ESSAY yang aku kne hantar esok . and i still acting as cool as cucumber like nothing is happen . nevermind ,

we waste so much of our life waiting for the storm to pass when what we should do is learn to dance in the rain .  - Faiz Aiman -

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

i love the day

hello derp and derpina :)
gosh , dah bulan may dah kan haha , cpt gila masa berlalu .
aku patut nye harni kne buat jadual bertugas kelas tapi haha
aku malas nk buat , haishh , kenapa lah korang pilih aku jadi ketua kelas
serious aku malas nk buat semua tuh haha =,=
esok sekolah kan ? aku still x leh terima kenyataan sbb aku rase mcm harini hari sabtu !

ouh MAY please be nice okeyh :D
aku x suke bulan may , sbb byk mengingat kan aku pasal bnde yg x patut aku igt
haha , siot aku lapar lah doe
tapi haha , aku mls nk turun bawah amik makanan
serious aku pemalas gila sekarang
nak berdiri amik gitar pun mlas kadang2
haha , teruk bukan ?

skrg ni makin rami yg membenci aku
tah pehal tah , aku ni anoyying kowt ? =.=
bitch please , haters gonna hateee :p

those eye
the sadest stare i've ever seen
and for me
those eye
are full of falling diamond
priceless and sincere
i will go
to kill those eye
now and forever

orginally by Muhammad Faiz Aiman B Zullkifle . :)